How to Use “Record Permissions” in Dynamics NAV

In a previous post on Dynamics NAV Essentials; understanding user setup and security, we have clarified how the security model is built and configured in Dynamics NAV.


The following representation illustrated how users, user groups, permission sets and permission represent a comprehensive security model which allows the client to have full control over the system forms and associated activities ( read, insert, modify and delete )

User Security Assignment

Security Model

In this post, we are going to shed a light on an important feature in Dynamics NAV which is “Record Permissions”, this feature allows System Admins to collect the require permissions of a specific tasks by simply “recording” it.

We will illustrate this feature by creating a new permission set for ( Create and Edit Items ) . In order to create this permission set, we’ll follow the following steps:

  1. Go to Permission Sets, click on “New” and type a name for the permission set, lets say “Create and Edit Items”Permission Set
  2. From the permission set, click on “Permissions”
  3. On the Permissions form, make sure to check the “Add Read Permissions to Related Tables” check box in order to retrieve all required associated permissions required . Once ready to record, click on “Start” to start the record and the system will prompt a message ” Do you want to start Recording Now”, Click on Yes.


    Record Permissions


  4. Now you will have to simulate the same process of creating any item, you do need to consider that anything you do will be recorded.

As you can see from the above permissions retrieved, the recording listed down all the required tables, table data, code unit and pages required for this permission set. After all, you will be the one choosing what to be retrieving as part of the recording process. For instance, you may run a specific report while recording and it will be included in the permissions.


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