The reconcile to GL utility in Dynamics GP provides a very effective tool to match the sub-ledger with the general ledger module for the Bank, Inventory, AP and AR.

As known, there are primarily three parts of the reconcile to GL report which details the following:

  • Matched Transactions
  • UnMatched Transactions
  • Potentially Matched Transactions
In a recent support case, one of the clients report a mismatch between the accounts payable and general ledger module, due to one transaction which has been posted on the AP module and went through correctly to the GL tables
UnMatched AP Transaction

The very first step was to look for this journal number specifically on the general journal inquiry in order to check its source, which seems correct.

  •  The GL journal is correct and it results from the original AP document
  • The AP document on the sub-ledger has been correctly posted and it exists in AP tables without any issues.
  • When printing the HATB for the vendors, the total values matches the total value of all AP GL accounts
  • Reconcile to GL for the AP is showing a difference
In case the GL Distribution table in the Sub ledger module is empty, the transaction will show in the un-matched section of the Reconcile-To-GL despite the fact that the transaction details are correct in both modules.
Bottom line is
Missing AR/ AP distribution will result in unmatched transaction on the Reconcile to GL report

The resolution was to manually populate the distribution table for that transaction, and then when printing the Reconcile to GL, the difference was gone and it shows zero variance.

Best Regards,
Mahmoud M. AlSaadi