Dynamics Great Plains connects your methods of running your entity into one business management solution. As a Microsoft Dynamics partner, SIROCo can help you assess, protract and apply the best solution to ensure best results in your industry. We work through industry-specific aspects. Our hard-working engineers create industry-specific algorithms and processes that ensure smooth operations, higher profit margin and overall competitive edge in the industry. Following are the Microsoft Great Plains (GP) features that you should look upon from SIROCo’s experience with wide spectra of client businesses.

  • Cost Effective Features and Choices <br\>Dynamics GP is a cost-effective business management and accounting software, featuring a variety of powerful solutions with numerous choices. SIROCo can customize your GP needs to respond to your business challenges with the optimal results and empower you and your business team to run your enterprise the way you want to. The reporting and collaborative capabilities coupled with SIROCo’s analytical support in Microsoft Dynamics GP gives you the information and care you need to make informed business decisions.

  • Flexible and Maneuverable with a Growth Prospect <br\>SIROCo stands as a pillar in Dynamics GP applications focused on growing and mid-size organizations with great prospects in scalable financial and operational functionality. Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains integrative business network with interactive development tools are highly customizable. This level of flexibility is the key component in SIROCo support that you can rely on 100%, enhancing your growth.

  • Stay Ahead in the Business with your Customers <br\>Industry needs vary from one to another and so are SIROCo’s support strategies. Microsoft Dynamics GP support that SIROCo provides, enacts powerful business solutions based on the specific issues and challenges each industry calls upon. SIROCo engineers are experienced in the design and the implementation of customized solutions for industries ranging from, For-Profit, Hospitality, Non-Profit, Distribution, Energy, Health Care, Entertainment etc. The ability to customize Dynamics GP with the SIROCo GP Care maintains your lean competitiveness with a functionality that exceeds your industrial standards. GP business management solution builds stronger relationships with customers and trading partners in a high-tech note.

  • Advantages over Other Business Solutions <br\>Microsoft Dynamics GP is a based on an algorithm that streamlines the flow of business processes into one easy to understand and easy to maneuver solution. Dynamics GP with SIROCo allows your staff to do their jobs in the way they want to and empowering them to take it to the next level, increasing the degree of outcomes that you can’t imagine.