Working with huge data set in Dynamics 365 Business Central is highly important in order to be able to retrieve specific records, limit records to a specific item category, filter by any records that has an amount greater than or less than and many other empowerment tools that enables end users to smoothly and easily work on huge amount of data.

On Dynamics 365 Business Central list, there is a ribbon which has 2 buttons. One for Search and One for Filter

Searching Business Central Lists

When clicking the search button ( F3 to activate or deactivate as a shortcut ), the system will search will attempt to match text across all fields; it does not distinguish between uppercase and lowercase characters (case insensitive), and will match text placed anywhere in the field

In other words, here are the most important points to consider for the search capability:

  • Search is not case sensitive
  • Search is related to all text fields

In order to search the system with much more powerful capabilities, special characters can be used in order to reach more accurate results:

  • Single quote (‘) can be used for exact search, search key word should be placed between the single quote
  • Asterisk (*) can be used to search fields which starts with or end with specific term

Filtering Business Central Lists

Filtering provides more specific ways of searching your lists, by specifying a specific field in which you need to search for certain value, option or text.

It is important to take into consideration that filtering displays records where the field matches the filter exactly and is case sensitive, unless special filter symbols are entered.

Further detailed information can be found on Microsoft Docs, Sorting, Searching and Filtering lists