Smart deliveries through connected operations, with flexibility and scalability in the day-to-day operations, while keeping pace with current trends is the norm of the present-day transportation sector.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is the best tool for a business owner in the transportation sector. Offering the required visibility across your distribution, customer service, sales, and marketing systems, Microsoft Dynamics GP lets you innovate products and processes to meet the varying needs of the market and your customers. You can not only simplify production management, but also accelerate product introductions, and offer flexibility in delivery schedules and time.

[icon name=”circle” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Optimized Transportation – Logistics

The Transportation Management module in Microsoft Dynamics GP for Operations lets you manage your company’s transportation, and lets you identify the vendor and routing solutions for inbound and outbound orders. It also helps you to:

Efficiently Plan Inbound and Outbound Transportation: Pricing and market pressures are part of the game, making it essential to seek ways to drive down the operating costs through the process of improvements wherever, and however, possible. One way to drive down costs is by improving on inbound and outbound transportation. While ordering items from a vendor or while shipping products to customers, we can efficiently optimize the shipping process based on due date, cost, and equipment capacity. Get an end-to-end visibility from order to payment and delivery, achieve substantial lead time reduction, and improve the overall manufacturing process.

Ensure On-time Delivery: While accepting/dispatching deliveries to and from vendors or customers, you generally have multiple delivery options for a shipment. These are often based on certain business restrictions such as delivery time, transportation costs, or driving distance. No matter what route or means we choose, ensuring on-time delivery with minimal costs becomes a requirement. Microsoft Dynamics GP analyzes all factors that have a direct or indirect bearing on delivery time, and choose the fastest route.

Enable Accurate Shipment: One of the main purposes of any transportation management system is to ensure perfect order fulfillment. By defining the origin of a sales order based on customer demands and stock levels at company locations, Microsoft Dynamics GP carefully evaluates the various shipments and enables us to achieve accurate shipments, every single time. If you’re wondering whether it is worth moving inventory from one factory location to another before goods are shipped to the destination, or if it makes more sense to ship to the destination, from say the closest factory – Microsoft Dynamics GP has all the answers.

Identify and Choose the Most Profitable Carriers: Microsoft Dynamics GP is built with cutting-edge business intelligence, allowing us to plug into large, existing networks of suppliers and carriers, and save time and costs. By sifting through thousands of suppliers and vendors, it identifies the most profitable and suitable ones. Get a unified view of all the existing carriers, see how they rank against one another as well as against benchmarks and analyze their performance over time – gaining a true understanding of if the carrier network you’re planning to choose is performing at optimum levels.

[icon name=”circle” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Optimized Transportation – Inventory

Efficient management of inventory requires us to have to-the-minute information about every movement. As we determine how and when inventory moves, and in what quantity, we can order just the right quantity of goods. Microsoft Dynamics GP for Operations helps keep a budget on track and enables you to efficiently manage operating capital. It also helps to:

Enjoy Real-time Visibility: Transportation Management goes beyond transportation concerns and provides real-time visibility into the entire order and delivery process to everyone who needs it: from procurement, warehousing, and production scheduling managers to supply chain and transportation staff. This role-based visibility helps you cut costs and improve efficiency across the supply chain, while simultaneously making better buying decisions. Such visibility also helps you identify and take corrective action on process gaps that cause variability in the supply chain, giving you unprecedented control over orders in transit.

Improve Inventory Levels: Improving supply chain processes often results in considerable reduction of inventory. With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can know exactly when an order will ship, how much has been shipped, and when it will arrive – all in real-time. End-to-end visibility on the status of orders and shipments helps you maintain the optimum level of inventory, and helps to plan and respond to deliveries more effectively.

Ensure Accurate Replenishment: Replenishing your inventory is one of the most crucial tasks in transportation management. With Microsoft Dynamics GP for Operations, you can set up a replenishment process based on the minimum/maximum replenishment strategy – depending on when inventory falls below the minimum level, the location will be automatically replenished. We could also enable replenishment based on demand – when demand replenishment is triggered, it will first try to find existing demand replenishment jobs. It will then deduct the demanded quantity from the existing demand replenishment fulfilling these criteria. If the quantities on an existing demand replenishment work item are not enough to fulfill the new demand, a new demand replenishment work order will be created.

[icon name=”circle” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Boost Customer Satisfaction

When we use the transportation management module of Microsoft Dynamics GP, we will be able to see a huge difference in customer perception. By efficiently planning your transportation, ensuring on-time delivery, optimizing costs, and ensuring accurate shipment, we are not only improving your business process efficiency but also ensuring better customer satisfaction. And having visibility into your supply chain, improving inventory levels, and ensuring accurate replenishment only adds to the satisfaction. Our experience and expertise with hardworking tech team at SIROCo make Microsoft Dynamics GP work seamless with round the clock support and training. Feel free to contact us for more information and to discuss your needs to move Microsoft Dynamics GP.