For a small to medium business, this is a major decision and a major investment. The decision stands as a step towards the long-term investment on a growth perspective point as an accounting software that can last for a least seven to ten years. Here comes the relevance of Microsoft GP as a minimum risk investment that stood the test of 35 golden years in the market, has robust functionality; has the efficiency and capability for scale up or down with the business requirements – making it an easy fit for businesses.


The major one reason towards the failure of accounting software management is the change of management within the business enterprise and user adoption sentiments that beset the employees. The investment dollars into Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting software system is an asset that keeps the company in a set business growth trajectory. The knock-off advantage Microsoft Dynamics GP is its familiarity to the employees in a different way. In this virtual world of internet of things (IoT) employees use Excel, Word, Office 365 etc. etc., The similar look and familiarity feel of Microsoft Ecosystem linger with the Microsoft Dynamics GP too. This is a better shot towards user adoption! Microsoft Dynamics GP works the way as the other MS products works:  flexible, role-based dashboards and users have what they need at their fingertips. Microsoft Dynamics GP comes with the essential accounting and finance tools like SmartLists, Requisitions, Budget Reporting, Batch Approval Workflow, and more. This shall increase accounting productivity with access to the right information to make quick and informed decisions.

Another great benefit of moving to Microsoft Dynamics GP is the multiple deployment options that are flexible enough to accommodate both the current and future business needs. The choice comes with the subscription or perpetual licensing; Microsoft Azure cloud, private hosting, or on-prem. When a firm decides to decision to go cloud, Microsoft Azure is one of the strongest and solidly proven cloud offerings on the market. Start with the present nature of the need and easily adapt as the business needs change or grow. Microsoft GP initial installation starts with three users that can connect financial dealings of hundreds or thousands of users across all lines of business with automation of complex business functions and end-to-end integration. Growth aspiring startups require the performance visibility and system flexibility to ‘keep’ growing and Microsoft GP can grow the business.

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, SIROCo support team help in the overall aspect of Microsoft Dynamics GP from installation through training to data analytics. Our industrial and business model specific training with the accounting and finance division resource manpower helps employees to create the reports they need and the generated data including the Big data. Our Technical team shall provide support to technical as well as non-technical with the skill training required to support and manage Microsoft Dynamics GP efficiently in the business promoting growth.