Another interesting feature that has been introduced with the release of Dynamics GP 2018 is the ability to sort results of the inquiry windows in both; the accounts receivable and the payable. The sorting option has been added to the following inquiry windows: 

  • Receivable Transaction by Customer | Inquiry > Sales > Transaction by Customer
  • Receivable Transaction by Document | Inquiry > Sales > Transaction by Document
  • Payable Transaction by Vendor  | Inquiry > Purchasing > Transaction by Vendor
  • Payable Transaction by Document | Inquiry > Purchasing > Transaction by Document


On both of the windows above, the sorting options which are available are:

  • Sort by Type
  • Sort by Document Number
  • Sort by Document Amount
  • Sort by Amount Remaining
  • Sort by Document Date

The most important point to be considered here is that when sorting by the “Document Type”, the numerical values in the RM Key table. Document types are

1 – Sale / Invoice
2 – Reserved for scheduled payments
3 – Debit Memo
4 – Finance Charge
5 – Service / Repair
6 – Warranty
7 – Credit Memo
8 – Return
9 – Payment

Furthermore, there are addition options to choose the sorting type, whether it is to be Ascending or Descending.
On the payable module, there are other two inquiry windows which have got new sorting options as illustrated below:


On both windows above, here are the sorting options available: 

  • Sort by Document Number
  • Sort by Document Type
  • Sort by Document Amount
  • Sort by Unapplied Amount
  • Sort by Document Date

Another important piece of information is that when sorting by the document type, the inquiry window will sort by the numerical values in the PM key table which are illustrated below:

1 – Invoice
2 – Finance Charge
3 – Misc Charge
4 – Return
5 – Credit Memo
6 – Payment

Again, there is an option to specify whether sorting is to be applied on an Ascending or Descending type.

Further Dynamics GP 2018 features will be illustrated in the upcoming posts.