Tuesday, November 11, 2014

No Print for Purchase Requisitions!!

When you see the window print button you expect that the information of the window you are on is being printed on a report writer report, and when one of your customers inform you that no action is being taken upon pressing the report you just feel like the user is not aware whats going on and a privileges  issue should take place!

Well for Purchase Requisition Entry form this is not the case! the window print is not linked to any of the available reports, clicking the button will do nothing and you will feel a little bit confused about what to be done!


The button indeed does not have a report assigned, but you can design your report on SSRS and link it to this button! Just click the Small Arrow near the print button and hit “Assign Reports”, then select the report you need to link, see the below for clarification:



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Beat BUCHER said...

Thank you Mohammad for bringing this up... In Business Portal at least you had a 'kind' of report for the requisitions and you could get the details on screen and then print them either as PDF or on paper... not the nicest format, but it did the job.

Rashid Anwar said...

Dear Mohammad I am using Dynamics GP 2013 but at purchase requisition window I did not find any such print icon.
So where can I find that print option to assign a report.

Rashid Anwar

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