It is said that “no two warehouses are alike” which very well attributes to the nature, type and the sector of the business the warehouse is dealing with.

Warehouse Management Solutions designed through Microsoft Dynamics GP can give customers a way to implement new technology tools to support business growth at a pace and budget their organization is most comfortable with. With the flexibility to purchase products which include only the functions required by their business, customers are provided with complete control over their warehouse management system, and thus, their business. The latest industry technologies that provide users a web-based WMS that consolidates and streamlines warehouse processes while improving accuracy, efficiency, and productivity is a big leap among equals.

WMS integration through Microsoft Dynamics GP extends the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics GP into the distribution center. The seamlessly integrated interface adds rich functionality to the Microsoft Dynamics GP back office suite, including a container receiving and back order processing to support an automated warehouse environment. This web-based warehouse management system optimizes the resources in the warehouse. Microsoft Dynamics GP users can now manage orders and the physical handling of goods in the warehouse accurately and efficiently.

[icon name=”bullseye” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Features and Functions

WMS versatility is the key to success because of the integrations with Microsoft GP- ERP suite of applications where users can take control of their supply chain from start to finish. Following are some of the highlights of the integrated WMS with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

[icon name=”bullseye” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] A Mobile Driven Workflow Execution

More than 80% of WMS users are working on the floor using mobile devices. These mobile processes can be optimized for efficiency and accuracy. These highly configurable processes are built around workflows that guide the operators through optimized steps with real-time validation and data capture.

[icon name=”bullseye” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] License Plate Management

A unique identification number (License Plate) gives you a direct association to a unique inventory item which in turn allows high-level detail for tracking purposes. License plates can be a physical representation such as a pallet, box, item and be a virtual representation of a group of items. Use license plates can work wonders with tracking, transaction, or nest inventory of the products the clients do.

[icon name=”bullseye” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Bin Location Management

Bins can be used throughout the inbound and outbound processes to consolidate orders. A unique identifier is assigned to each bin and as orders are processed, data is captured and linked to that unique number. All information pertaining to the contents and movements of the order is captured and recorded. The results are accurate orders, to one or many orders which allows for accurate order preparation, error-proofing, and order tracking throughout the inbound and outbound processes.

  • Visibility by bin inventory
  • Move product from bin to bin with ease
  • Flexible bin rules for greater control
  • Specify products and bins by attributes (handle codes, size codes, reach codes, quarantine areas, damaged goods zones)
  • Create and track license plates (pallet IDs)
  • Create and track containers
  • Integrated wireless devices make bin management effortless
  • Obtain and review carton content and shipment track and trace information

[icon name=”bullseye” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Event Management

WMS can record all the events as they occur and then communicates back to the ERP in real-time. Each event is captured with a date and time stamp, a username, and event code allowing the user to trace back throughout the history of movements of a given item or order. The comprehensive history of events will allow you to extract efficiency reports, KPI’s, event management dashboards, and more.

[icon name=”bullseye” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Advanced Optimized Business Rules

Advanced WMS Systems brings advanced algorithms in the warehouse for an optimized execution. Warehousing activities can be complex considering the many constraints and requirements that are part of day to day life in a distribution center. Digital commerce continues to fuel fundamental changes. The support of omnichannel operations, increase fulfillment paths and compliance requirements have increased the complexity of your operation. As an advanced WMS shall have following volumetric functions:

  • Advanced put away optimization
  • Dynamic replenishment strategies
  • Order fulfillment analysis
  • Advanced Wave management, Wave automation
  • Highly configurable picking job, methodology
  • Material allocation policies
  • Load planning and load execution

[icon name=”bullseye” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Labor Optimization with Real-time Execution

Labor management best practices and performance metrics shall give the most out of Microsoft GP based WMS operation. Proactive and efficient planning of the workload into easily configured business rules. These business rules/processes shall drive employees to peak performance while real-time reporting allows management staff to monitor the operation while proactively reassigning resources and priorities for maximum efficiency.

  • Reduce labor costs and increase efficiency
  • Improve associate morale
  • Labor management tools and metrics
  • Reduce dependence upon temporary labor
  • Enable a self-directed workforce

[icon name=”bullseye” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Improve Warehouse Performance

  • Streamline operations and material handling processes
  • Meet retail compliance demands
  • Access real-time status updates
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Integrate with various material handling equipment including carousels, conveyors and pick to light systems
  • Integrate multi-carrier shipping to further streamline outbound processes
  • Optionally receive multiple POs and pick multiple SOs at a time
  • Optionally, use batch driven, paper-based picking documents to collect orders and validate at a packing station

[icon name=”bullseye” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Improve Accuracy and Inventory Visibility

  • Eliminate redundant data entry and keying errors associated with manual processes
  • Gain complete visibility into warehouse contents
  • View real-time inventory, sales order and purchase order status
  • Maintain an accurate perpetual inventory without interrupting operations using real-time cycle counting
  • Refine inventory control and management
  • Drive costs out of every warehouse operation by using wireless devices to validate items as they are picked, received or moved
  • Extend the functionality of ERP into customer price ticketing and carton content information with track and trace numbers
  • Fully integrated warehouse inventory transfers, stock counts, and adjustments 

No matter which Microsoft product you work with, SIROCo has enhanced the Microsoft GP solutions by fully integrating them with Warehouse Management Solution(WMS).  Our experience and expertise with hardworking tech team at SIROCo make Microsoft Dynamics GP work seamless with round the clock support and training. Feel free to contact us for more information and to discuss your needs to move Microsoft Dynamics GP.