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Nijas Kolothody

Principal Consultant – DevOps
Nijas is all about strategy. He’s an outdoors enthusiast who stays fit by running, a sport that requires not only discipline, but also a strategic approach to achieving his personal best. Nijas brings that same discipline to his role as principal consultant of DevOps at SIROCo, where he leads company software projects that transform how organizations operate. Nijas understands that the most successful business strategies involve collaboration, especially so when it comes to tech. Nijas has 15 years of IT expertise, so he can successfully oversee companies as they implement important changes that integrate various technologies. The result is a more seamless operating system that betters unites all of a company’s departments, a contemporary business concept that is light years from the era when departments – and their data – were segregated. Nijas, who previously worked as the application development manager for the Houston-based Continuum Energy, has an MS in Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Oklahoma. In addition to running, he unwinds with music, camping and water sports.