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Mohammed Vayalil

Principal Consultant – ERP

Mohammed has spent 15 years mastering the art of ERP implementation, helping to make the globally-connected company SIROCo one of the most cutting-edge tech consulting firms worldwide. Mohammed leads the company’s ERP Implementation and Integration team, focusing primarily in Microsoft Dynamics GP. His work provides clients’ better insight into the financial aspects of their company because the software integration SIROCo provides merges multiple technical applications, making the analysis of important data easier and more efficient. To keep his competitive edge and to stay on top of emerging technologies, Mohammed enjoys both board games and video games, both of which keep his skills razor sharp. A certified Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Specialist and a Certified SAP Application Associate, Mohammed has an MS in Computer Engineering from the University of Oklahoma. He formerly served as the ERP technical consultant for ConexusSG, and spends his free time outdoors, hiking, walking, biking, or getting in a game of tennis, or volunteering with his favorite charitable organizations.