Take the scenario of a business owner who is successfully running his own business for last couple of decades, with a successful track record. She/he may be worried of taking it to the next level in this digitized and socially connected world of internet and media with marketing methods that is out of grasp. With prospects of growth, better capital flow tracking and scalable accounting needs, Microsoft Dynamics GP is a sure bet which shall transcend the limits of overworked and undersized accounting software like QuickBooks. This powerful tool, with the expertise of SIROCo makes business owners’ needs simpler, flexible and provides complete control over their core business processes. SIROCo’s signature support solutions for business management through Microsoft Dynamics GP are noted for the easy to use style and deployment.

Promote Business Growth with Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Cloud based Integration
    Most of the small and medium businesses rely heavily on Microsoft Office for their business needs. Upgrading to an AP accounting process with Microsoft Dynamics GP shall enable businesses to growth leaps and bounds. The integration of your business with Microsoft Dynamics GP shall provide cloud based working which can very well be managed through SIROCo know-how and support.

  • Route the Business on Your Terms
    A seamless SIROCo support based approach with Microsoft Dynamics GP can take your business to data driven growth. This data driven business strategy shall lead to a sustained growth with customer satisfaction never seen before.

  • Ensure your ROI and Growth
    As a Microsoft Certified Partner, SIROCo services help in the integration of your business into Microsoft Dynamics GP with smooth transition approach, ensuring maximum satisfaction of all levels of management who touch it. Our policy of Return on Investment (ROI) and shoulder support model can guarantee the business, the future it envisions.

  • Start with what you need today and upgrade with growth
    SIROCo shall work on your present model and walk beside you in upgrading you legacy accounting system with Microsoft Dynamic GP. We shall start with the present need and help with your future needs with the best terms available in the market. SIROCo shall help your organization with installation and configuration of Microsoft Dynamic GP for your business needs, train your accounting and functional divisions, and provide training related to creation of reports that facilitate business decision for each business period.