What’s New: Devices

ARM64 Native Teams App: Unleash the full power of Microsoft Teams on your favorite ARM devices with the new native ARM64 Teams client now generally available. Stay connected and organized while enjoying improved performance, reliability, and battery life in devices such as Surface Pro X.

Dell Meeting Space Solution for seamless onsite and remote collaboration: Dell’s newest Meeting Space Solution for Microsoft Teams Rooms offers a complete group collaboration ecosystem that includes the OptiPlex 7080 Micro running the Teams Rooms experience on Windows, Dell Large Format Monitors, plus Logitech Tap and Conference Cams. With proximity detection and one-touch join, you can start a meeting while instantly projecting content in the room and to virtual participants.

EPOS announces two new headsets certified for Microsoft Teams: The IMPACT MB Pro 1 UC ML and 2 UC ML have now passed the rigorous reliability testing required to be certified for Microsoft Teams. We can now experience high-end audio tools that provide optimal comfort, easy call handling, and rich, natural sound – all while reliable, intelligent technologies filter out unwanted noise, enhance audio, and boost efficiency.