Optimization of Project-Centric Business with Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Empowering  services organization to deliver success with a single, connected solution from prospect to payment to profit. The wait is over  for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations which was available on October 1, 2020. This highly anticipated application connects sales, resource management, project management, and accounting teams to provide the visibility, agility, and collaboration needed to deliver on-budget and on-time.


               Today service-based businesses operate in a highly competitive market where winning new deals, retaining the best people, and increasing profit margins are significant challenges. Success requires a solution that truly reimagines the project delivery lifecycle by bringing together cross-functional teams to deliver differentiated customer experiences. Built on the Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations integrates with the existing systems. Adapt to changing market conditions by easily customizing, extending, and connecting with other Microsoft apps and services you already use, including Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Microsoft 365. One of early big news was the  Use of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations in Siemens Mobility to optimize their execution by minimizing engineering costs and maximizing resource utilization.

Optimization: A General View

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations builds on capabilities from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation (PSA) to simplify every aspect of project-based sales from pricing and estimates to quotes, forecasting, contract management, and more to help you win more deals and nail the sales hand-off to delivery teams.


  1. Give your team the tools they need to succeed

       Better-connected, highly productive teams are the fabric of operational excellence. To accomplish this, improve collaboration across the project lifecycle by bringing your cross-functional teams together around project plans, scope, and budget while capturing conversations, sharing content, and using apps in Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations also empowers your people with visual project planning and delivery tools through embedded Microsoft Project capabilities.


  1. Optimize resource utilization

        Align the right people with the right skillsets to the right project. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations unifies all resource management processes into a single connected solution whether your organization’s resource allocation is centralized or owned by project managers. Empower your organization with the tools needed to optimize resource scheduling and assignment, increase visibility through intelligent scheduling, and maximize utilization.


  1. Simplify time tracking and expense management

       Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations streamlines everyday tasks like time entry and expense management by enabling team members to easily submit, approve, process, and reconcile anytime and anywhere. Use expense policies to proactively manage employee spend and ensure fiscal and regulatory compliance.


  1. Maximize project profitability with streamlined project financials

        Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations builds on the project management and accounting (PMA) capabilities from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance to help you maximize profitability and easily manage finances through each project phase. Configure project cost and revenue parameters that will drive efficiency throughout accounting including global parameters governing any legal entities attached to your projects to support compliance.


  1. Help your team make informed decisions

       Make faster, more informed business decisions. Dynamics 365 Project Operations unifies operational workflows to increase business agility through better visibility, with actionable insights, across your project-based operations. Empower your people with valuable, up-to-date insights into the health of your projects delivered right within the flow of work for greater efficiency.


  1. Project Operations unifies operational workflows to increase business agility through better visibility

        SIROCo is super excited about the upcoming new Dynamics 365 project capabilities from Microsoft including end to end capabilities. The new functionalities will provide much needed end to end capabilities along with improved user experience related to required project management activities and will impact user adoption positively.


        Understand how Dynamics 365 Project Operations connects sales, resourcing, project, and accounting teams within a single application to win more deals, accelerate delivery, and maximize profitability; contact SIROCo support teams which works across multiple project delivery lifecycle. We are more than excited to see the product innovation being made available in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations.     SIROCo have participated in the preview launch and as an early adopter of Dynamics 365 Project Operations.  We are implementing the solution internally in order to make sure we can deliver the best services to our customers.  If you have questions or want to learn more about the next steps for your existing investment in PSA, PMA, or expense management, contact SIROCo Representative.