Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with SIROCo – a Microsoft Gold Partner

SIROCo was awarded Microsoft Gold Partnership in 2020. We are really humbled by this recognition.  This means a lot to our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central segment. Demonstrating differentiation is a great way to stand out in today’s technology market. It not only strengthens your customer relationships but better positions you with companies that are seeking partnerships for strategic growth. Microsoft Partner Network differentiates partners by their areas of capability and expertise through competencies. Microsoft competencies are aligned to customer needs. Attaining a competency in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is a validation of our broad technical capability to deliver services on this Microsoft technology. This attests to our expertise in Microsoft Dynamic 365 Business Central and to serve customers achieve their business goals.

Business Growth & Transformation : With Gold Partnership, we are eligible for a set of core benefits and receive competency-specific benefits. This very much aligns with our area of expertise, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Following are some of these benefits:

Recognition :   When we attained gold partnership, we received a badge that can be displayed in your marketing and sales materials and a certified letter. These shall help to demonstrate your capabilities to customers. With gold competency, we receive the marketing consultation, Partner Demand Center enablement, and access to customized, co-branded lead generation assets. Also, with this competency, we are eligible to purchase additional go-to-market offerings such as press release support.

Increased visibility : With a gold competency, we receive access to tools that increase the visibility of Microsoft Dynamics 365 business central with customers and to other partners. Partners with competencies are prioritized in the Microsoft partner directory and on partner finders on the Microsoft website. With the gold competency badge is displayed in our listing along with technical proficiency and capabilities using technical services and resources is a great leap for our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central segment. Microsoft partner technical consultants shall help us to accelerate sales, deployments, and app development.

Eligibility for investments :  We are eligible for investments, which include incentives and offers, reward partners for engaging with our shared customers across customer segments, and Microsoft’s portfolio. Investments are mapped against the entire deal life-cycle to help partners maximize their profit margins. We are eligible for unlimited technical presales assistance on Microsoft Dynamics 365 business central deals and receive partner advisory hours that can be applied to consultations that help in design, develop, and deployment services and apps. Partners with a Gold competency will result in great technical support we provide our customers.

         As a Gold partner, SIROCo will be there for the entire process, from software selection through implementation to training and support of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Our technical expertise is what sets SIROCo apart from other Microsoft partners.  At SIROCo, we cater to the unique needs of small to medium-size businesses, including customization of Business Central. We specialize in a wide variety of industries including, hospitality professional services, manufacturing, distribution and logistics, financial services, and pharmaceuticals/medical technology to name a few.