Blog Series III: Supply Chain Management (Part C)

  1. Supply Plan and Availability
  • Supply Planning

Plan raw material requirements based on demand with support for master production scheduling and materials requirements planning. Generate optimal suggestions for replenishing inventory transfers based on forecast. Use automatic orders for assembly, purchase, production, and transfers, and action messages to balance supply and demand. Use time buckets when planning material requirements.


  • Demand Forecasting

Manage demand forecasting based on items. Input demand (sales) forecasts for products and components more conveniently (daily, monthly, quarterly). Create production and purchase orders that consider the demand forecast, available inventory, and plan requirements.

  • Sales and Inventory Forecasting

Get deep insight into potential sales and a clear overview of expected stock-outs using the Sales and Inventory Forecast extension. Leverage its built-in Azure AI capabilities to generate reliable forecasts that make it easier to manage replenishment.

  • Order Promising

Promise accurate order shipment and delivery dates based on an item’s current and future availability. When items are not available to meet a customer’s requested delivery date, calculate the earliest shipment date as either an available-to-promise date is based on an upcoming uncommitted supply or a capable-to-promise date is when items can become available.


  • Drop Shipments

Handle orders that ship directly from the vendor to the customer without having to physically stock items in your inventory. Keep track of order costs and profit—link sales orders to purchase orders to control the sequence of posting tasks.


  • Order Planning

Plan supply for all types of demand on individual orders using a simple supply planning tool.

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