Microsoft Dynamics GP offers capabilities designed to help charities, churches, arts organizations, and other not-for-profit groups adhere to regulations and controls, manage grants and budgets proactively, and improve efficiencies for accounting processes along with a full range of financial and business management applications.

Microsoft Dynamics GP has specialized nonprofit financial management capabilities including interfund accounting, control account management, encumbrance management, commitment, grant management etc. Here is a peek into some of the highlights of using Microsoft Dynamics GP for nonprofit enterprising that serves the community.

Funds Appropriation and Accounting Management

Fund accounting can be a daunting challenge for not-for-profit organizations — transferring balances across accounts is error-prone, and staff can spend too much time juggling manual entry and reconciliation processes. With Microsoft Dynamics GP, an organization can get started fast with an easy, one-time setup of transfer defaults. The integration across the financial system and automated processes minimize the need for accounting staff to track all related accounts in the nonprofit. The efficient transfer of funds across various accounts, divisions, and units without the stress of manual entry and reconciliation processes is another plus. Seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP through General Ledger shall ensure the financial information and processes work in concert and provide you with a complete view of the nonprofit enterprise.

Central Controls: Manage geographically dispersed employees and volunteers

When a nonprofit organization is equipped to manage payables control accounts by segments distributed among geographically dispersed employees and volunteers at different time zones, it is a real challenge. The Microsoft Dynamics GP shall eliminate the need to manually reconcile reporting segments with automatic distribution of accounts payable to multiple control accounts at various offices spread across the globe, especially for a nonprofit involved in a global mission. With Microsoft Dynamics GP, the work within a single set-up window to select the account segment that will serve as the main reporting segment. The central control malmanagement Microsoft Dynamics GP shall define each reporting segment to represent a cost center, division, program, or fund, and quickly display a breakdown by segment values for your central control payables accounts. Ensuring the accurate month-end reporting with automatic generation of journal entries that redistribute the balance of the default control account to predetermined segments can be completed with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Increase productivity through the automation of manual processes

With Microsoft Dynamics GP encumbrance Management, nonprofit organizations can proactively manage and adhere to budgets, streamline period-end reporting processes, and monitor encumbrances from any point in time. Encumbrance Management provides checks and controls that ensure budgets stay within specified limits. Seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP Purchase Order Processing makes it easy to search for and analyze critical budget information. Track encumbrances on an annual, period, or year-to-date level, with the assurance that budget status information is accurate and up to date is another advantage. Microsoft Dynamics GP can simplify period and year-end reporting processes with the ability to query current or historical encumbrances. Gain an accurate view of encumbrances from any point in time. The tracking of outstanding encumbrances view a historical snapshot, and view and print reports shall increase productivity through the automation of manual process with the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Track and report on key metrics and outcomes through real-time reporting

Track and report online purchase requisition commitments through real-time with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Web-based capabilities give you the flexibility you need to tighten budget controls without halting purchase order processes. This shall provide users who generate and authorize online requisitions with automatic alerts when requisitions exceed budget tolerance levels. Also, it shall reduce processing time between submission and approval of online requisitions that fall within tolerance levels. The streamline transfer of outstanding online requisitions into a commitment budget and automation of adding committed purchases to any of your financial reports are added advantages.

Grant Management for Growth

Microsoft Dynamics GP Grant Management helps in maintaining budget integrity for every dollar ought to spend on the mission. It shall eliminate manual entry processes, reduces the potential for errors and ensures compliance with automated cost tracking and streamlined transaction processing. Reduce manual entry and reconciliation processes with automatic tracking of expenditures to specific grants and programs. Grant Management provide the receive automatic warnings when a budgeted amount is exceeded. Streamline transaction entry and gain flexibility with multiple distribution paths for a single transaction. Monitoring of daily expenditures and specific budgetary controls with inquiry and reporting capabilities is another star feature. Also, the control transactions by General Ledger account, user, project, or by grant start and end dates to help. By enabling you to manage multiple budgets across grant life cycles, Grant Management helps prevent overspending and frees your organization to focus on the strategic decisions that ensure successful project outcomes. Also, the work with flexible capabilities shall help in multiple projects to a grant or multiple grants to a project.

Ensure the appropriate stewardship of funds and Donors

The detail and frequency of sponsor-requested reports can tax the resources of any nonprofit enterprise. Grant Management delivers the information required to approach the sponsor community that put funds for the best possible use with regulations. Real-time appropriation of grant funds with status is the key for the integrity of the organization.  Microsoft Dynamics GP shall provide a summary or grant ID information at your fingertips with fast, easy inquiries.

As a Microsoft Gold certified partner SIROCo can take care of most of the aspects of Microsoft Dynamics setup. Microsoft Dynamics suite managed services allow you to reduce internal information technology workloads that are dedicated to maintenance and dedicate more time to key tasks of nonprofit enterprise. Some of the services that can be managed include backups, load balancing, resource allocation and updates/upgrades needed for the smooth functioning of the organization.