Here are some of the highlights of the Microsoft Dynamics GP based Multi-Entity Management Essential for Corporate IT Infrastructure which is based on the years of technical expertise of SIROCo.

 Real-time Corporate Performance

Get real-time insight into your company’s health with rolled-up financial reports across all companies without time-consuming spreadsheets or expensive external reporting systems. Dig deep down to individual business units’ performance using the familiar standard Microsoft Dynamics GP reports.

Achieve Productivity Gains

Achieve efficiency with work and load tasks at the ground level. Shrink the time needed to close the books from days or weeks to hours. Automate the workflow for intercompany transactions. Microsoft Dynamics GP shall streamline the accounting processes including AP, AR, and payroll across the companies.

Cost Efficient Growth

For a fast-growing company, it is advisable to consider a move from the present accounting software which is inadequate to migrate to the unlimited possibilities of Microsoft Dynamics GP. It allows you to meet growing requirements without adding IT overhead costs and at a fraction of the cost of Tier 1 ERP.

Manage the Financials with Data

Microsoft Dynamics GP enables real-time reporting across the entities without the need for spreadsheets and the staff required to build reports. The Microsoft Dynamics GP enables financial information in a single database, it is far simpler and faster to create consolidated reports across all companies while still maintaining individual sets of financial statements. This assessment can be done to the transactions in the individual business unit using Microsoft Dynamics GP reports. Even if the firm prefers to use third-party reporting BI tools, Microsoft Dynamics GP makes this easier too because you only need to connect to a single data source.

Closing the Books Faster

Month-end close takes far less time and is accomplished with greater accuracy with Microsoft Dynamics GP. By not having to log in and out of countless databases, the technical team shall able to quickly prepare the reports required for period-end close. Microsoft Dynamics GP also helps reduce the occurrence of miscoded transactions, accounts not balancing, and other time-wasting errors. Microsoft Dynamics GP can easily produce government and tax reports including 1099s and W2s.

Automate Transaction Work-flow

Microsoft Dynamics GP automates the work-flow for intercompany transactions. The transactions are created and posted on the GL of the destination entity and allocations are automatically completed. Microsoft Dynamics GP modules facilitate the easy transaction between entities–fixed assets, inventory, bank transactions, and more. Voided transactions automatically reverse the intercompany distributions between entities. Full audit trail capabilities are supported in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Centralized or De-Centralized Processing

Setting up centralized accounting and finance processing in your organization can lead to huge productivity gains but in a typical multiple database environment, it is virtually impossible to pull off. Microsoft Dynamics GP’s single database give the ability to centralize the processing of payments, receipts, payroll, invoicing, and purchase orders. Rather than sending multiple checks to the same vendor, send one check on behalf of all entities instead. Process a single purchase order for multiple entities. Bill from a corporate head office and fulfill stock from a branch office. Apply a single receipt from one customer to all entities. Process payroll for the entire organization that is paid through a central cash account. Centralize all processes for all entities or keep some de-centralized.

Meeting the Growth Targets

Growing your company is good. Facing the spiraling costs of maintaining your stretched accounting system is bad. Whether your firm is growing by acquisition or expansion, M makes adding a new company to your accounting set-up a breeze. Backing up databases, upgrading systems, adding or updating master records across entities take a fraction of the time when everything is on one database, instead of 10, 100, or even 1000 databases. Microsoft Dynamics GP makes possible and without the sticker shock that comes with buying and implementing a Tier 1 ERP system. No matter which Microsoft product you work with, SIROCo has enhanced the Microsoft GP solutions for all corporate IT infrastructure needs.