This has always been a mystery to some clients, and a problem to multiple other clients, the fact that Dynamics GP prevents transaction level posting from posting “Through” general ledger is no longer true.

With t the release of Dynamics GP 2018 R2, the system now allows end users to post transactions without a batch, although, it will post through GL rather than the need to post these transactions again from the general ledger level.

In order to allow transaction level posting with “Post Through” option, open the posting setup window from Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Setup > Posting > Posting

A new option is added under “Allow Transaction Posting”, which is: “Post Through General Ledger Files

Posting Setup Window – Post Through General Ledger Files

Below is a list of windows which have an option to Allow Post Through with Transaction Level Posting” 

Sales Transaction Module:

  • Sales Deposits
  • Invoice Entry
  • Sales Transaction Entry
  • Receivables Sales Entry
  • Receivables Cash Receipts
  • Receivables Apply Doc
  • Voided Transaction Maintenance

Purchase Order Processing

  • Receiving Transaction Entry
  • Purchasing Invoice Entry
  • Returns Transaction Entry
  • Payable Transaction Entry
  • Payment Entry
  • Apply To
  • Purchasing Prepayments

Inventory Management

  • Transaction Entry
  • Transfer Entry
  • Assembly Entry


Manual Checks

Project Accounting

  • Time sheet Entry
  • Equipment Log Entry
  • Misc. Log Entry
  • Employee Expense Entry
  • Billing Entry
  • Revenue Recognition Entry
  • Inventory Transfer Entry
  • PA Returns Transaction Entry