Future of Dynamics GP

In addition to our earlier blog GP Road Map – It’s important to Remember that Dynamics GP will always be available !!, Belinda Allen had written a good article along the same lines on the future of Microsoft Dynamics GP and the roadmap. Needless to say, Dynamics GP is here to stay and so is SIROCo committed to its clients.


Dynamics GP 2018 – Power BI Content Pack

Power BI is a great investment for any ERP company which has a considerable amount of data, it allows you to dig into the various modules in your system, link them all together and extract meaningful information from raw data.


Microsoft Dynamics Ideas – Dynamics GP is part of the New Dynamics 365 Portal

The new MS Connect website has been released recently providing spaces for ideas, blogs, trials, help and roadmap for Dynamics 365 and Dynamics GP. Yes, Dynamics GP is part of the new portal and it is not going away.

As published by the Microsoft Dynamics GP Support and Services blog, it was addressed that

“Have no fear, the end is nowhere near for Microsoft Dynamics GP. We are back in business, you have an IDEA? We want to hear it. The MS Connect site was decommissioned before the new site was ready so I know you are eager to start entering all your feedback for Microsoft Dynamics GP. We have a new release targeting for the end of the year so now is the time you should enter those fabulous new product ideas you want to see in the software you use and love every day!!”

You may visit Microsoft Dynamics Ideas website on the following link , here are some screenshots from the website:

Under Microsoft Dynamics GP – Ideas, you may log any suggestion for enhancing the product capabilities or functionality, you may share any current issues/ bugs …etc. Although it is expected to migrate the previous MS Connect suggestions, it is preferred to share your thoughts right now so that people can start voting for the highly requested features or enhancement so that it can be considered by Microsoft in the future releases.

Log in to Ideas, share your thoughts and let people vote, Dynamics GP will always be available.

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Mahmoud M. AlSaadi