Microsoft Office 365 is becoming one of the essential tools for all small, medium, and large-scale businesses due to its richness in productivity, scalability, and security. Outlook emails through office 365 are replacing many of the conventional email systems for the company that allow the immense opportunity to share confidential files, security with multi-factor authentication, and the ease of connecting people in an organization together. GoDaddy is a trendy platform that provides users with an office 365 package that attracts the eye with attractive offers. This seems to be a great deal, especially when comparing Go daddy’s pricing to the per-user pricing on the Microsoft website. Unfortunately, many small-scale companies fall into this trap of attractive offers from GoDaddy without realizing the real surprise hiding in it. You will figure out that it is not all that it seemed to be. So, what makes GoDaddy a trap to most of its Microsoft 365 office users even after all that glittering offers are on a roll?

Reasons why you do not want to consider getting Microsoft 365 office through GoDaddy:



  1. Billing Inconsistency

It may seem very convincing in the first look that GoDaddy provides the office 365 packages at meager per-user prices compared to the actual Microsoft website prices. However, there is a catch in this. Most of the discounted prices GoDaddy showcases are for a limited period. Once the defined period of months is over, you get billed for the same subscription for a much higher price than the Microsoft license prices outlined on the Microsoft website. Thus, by Catching the user’s attention to lower discounted prices for a few months, GoDaddy is making you pay more than what you should be paying for the subscription in the long run.


2.  Restricted features


Microsoft 365 office package from Microsoft comes with several vital features such as advanced security, add-on services, and other applications for many business organizations. Go daddy’s Office 365 package is developed mainly for small-scale companies (less than ten employees) so that only the fundamental features are only included. Many advanced features that come with the Microsoft office pack are not available with the office 365 GoDaddy offers. When companies expand their employees in number, they must use many add-ins such as the outlook plugin or add-in for Power Bi for their advanced functionality and scalability. All these features are not provided with the service GoDaddy is offering. You will be connected to your office 365 through the GoDaddy user interface that restricts many of your functionality and the integration of other apps.

3.  Regular Sign – in Issues


The main reason customers get out of GoDaddy to use their office 365 is their ongoing issues with the sign-in. Go daddy’s office 365 is working on GoDaddy UI, which Microsoft does not directly maintain. This causes various sign-in problems with functions such as single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication. The result is that clients and customers are stuck when they start losing their essential emails.


4.  Lack of Microsoft Admin center


One of Microsoft’s most significant advantages to its users for the business is maintaining and monitoring all the activities, including adding a user, billing, products, and defining security and user roles through the Microsoft admin center. Since, GoDaddy is hosting their office 365 packages through a separate GoDaddy UI, a direct control to the actual  Microsoft Admin center is not available for the users or clients. As a result, when the company admin is trying to add a feature in the admin center by referring to the instructions from the Microsoft official website, they will be confused not to find those interfaces in the GoDaddy admin interface. This creates much frustration in the admins who are handling the office 365 accounts.


Still Not convinced ? We got more to discuss…


Some of the other issues with GoDaddy Office 365 includes:


  • Your emails are more prone to or exposed to phishing and lack of security since GoDaddy does not support multi-factor authentication for your email sign-in.
  • Users find it difficult to get a GoDaddy support team when they ran into issues with their Office 365 accounts and troubleshooting or resolving the issue takes too longer than usual.
  • Since your email is hosted by GoDaddy and not Microsoft directly, over the period, you will be facing many issues in your outlook email service, which can go from not able to send or receive emails or missing emails or delayed emails since the emails are not hosted directly under Microsoft.