0Workflow reporting is always important, it’s always required to track the workflow history of a specific purchase requisition, AP transaction, General Ledger batch …etc. Despite the fact that this has always been available with through the workflow history inquiry, Dynamics GP 2018 introduces another interesting way to have detailed reporting on all the workflow history details.

Go To Reports > Company > Workflow History.

Workflow History Report
Workflow History Report

There are several report ranges, so that you can print reports based on multiple criteria. That includes any of the following:

Workflow Type
Workflow Manager
Workflow User
Completion Date
Due Date

In this essence, you may print a workflow history report for all the workflow types for a specific manager or user. This would never be possible with the use of workflow history inquiry, which is associated with only one transaction such as purchase order, requisition … etc.

On the other hand, it is possible to filter by any workflow type. Once the workflow type range is selected from the list, you will have all the available workflow types to choose from as illustrated below:

Workflow History – Types

Here is a screen shot of the workflow history report:

Workflow History Report

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