We have always received requests from clients about historical inventory aging report, unfortunately, this report is not available in the system as a standard report, and thus requires customizations. We’ve illustrated in a previous post on GPUG how to calculate the inventory turn over analysis as part of the inventory reporting. On this article, we will dig deeper into the aging report. Such as receivables and payables, aging buckets should be predefined for the […]

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The following reports retrieve data from the manufacturing order closing file, it illustrates the following details for every single MO per item number: Material Cost Material Fixed Overhead Material Variable Overhead Labor Cost Labor Fixed Overhead Labor Variable Overhead Machine Machine Fixed Overhead Machine Variable Overhead Total MO cost   SELECT ITEMNMBR, DATEPART(yy, COMPLETECLOSEDATE) AS RecYear, DATEPART(mm, COMPLETECLOSEDATE) AS RecMonth, SUM(ENDQTY_I) AS RecQTY, BASEUOFM, SUM(ITEM_COSTS_ARRAY_I_1) AS [Material_Costs], SUM(ITEM_COSTS_ARRAY_I_2) AS [Material_Fixed_Overhead], SUM(ITEM_COSTS_ARRAY_I_3) AS [Material_Variable_Overhead], SUM(ITEM_COSTS_ARRAY_I_4) AS […]

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SIROCo is an American multinational technology solution provider focused on rapidly growing areas in today’s knowledge and services economy. Leveraging fully on the strong proprietary technology base, company has three strategic technology verticals – Software Orchestration, Infrastructure Management and Quality Control.



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