Santhosh Parameswaran

Principal Functional Consultant

Santhosh uses the discipline he developed as an athlete – his sports of choice include badminton, tennis and baseball, each of which require training and precision to excel – to devise dynamic tech solutions to meet any business needs. Santhosh brings more than 20 years of financial and IT experience to SIROCo, where he effectively melds IT and ERP into one effective, real-time business solution that helps track inside data, allowing business leaders to focus on helping their businesses grow. He finds his creative spark outdoors, where camping and spins on his motorcycle connect him with nature, inspiring his adventurous spirit so he can master the complexities of the latest in technological advancements. His expertise lies in translating IT process, helping businesses find their own cutting-edge tech solutions to organize data so managers can focus on profit margins. Parameswaran, who earned an MBA in Finance and an MS in Industrial Engineering from the University of Oklahoma, has CPA, CISA and CIA certifications and previously worked as an IT auditor at the esteemed Radford University.

Mohammed Vayalil

Principal Consultant – ERP

Mohammed has spent 15 years mastering the art of ERP implementation, helping to make the globally-connected company SIROCo one of the most cutting-edge tech consulting firms worldwide. Mohammed leads the company’s ERP Implementation and Integration team, focusing primarily in Microsoft Dynamics GP. His work provides clients’ better insight into the financial aspects of their company because the software integration SIROCo provides merges multiple technical applications, making the analysis of important data easier and more efficient. To keep his competitive edge and to stay on top of emerging technologies, Mohammed enjoys both board games and video games, both of which keep his skills razor sharp. A certified Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Specialist and a Certified SAP Application Associate, Mohammed has an MS in Computer Engineering from the University of Oklahoma. He formerly served as the ERP technical consultant for ConexusSG, and spends his free time outdoors, hiking, walking, biking, or getting in a game of tennis, or volunteering with his favorite charitable organizations.

Mahmoud M. AlSaadi

Director - ERP

Mahmoud has spent his career mastering the best, most proven technologies to integrate all aspects of business, so each department works in tandem toward the same goals. Fearless about finding the right solution for each company in SIROCo’s portfolio (Mahmoud is a motorcycle enthusiast who enjoys going on safari, so nothing much intimidates him, including your business concerns), Mahmoud specializes in Microsoft Dynamics GP and Dynamics NAV, both of which automate certain aspects of business in real time, so more focus can be centered on growth and success using the latest company data. His expertise has led to his being named a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, one of only 17 Microsoft MVPs worldwide. To ensure that he is always offering cutting-edge solutions, he pens two blogs, Dynamics GP Essentials, which draws more than 10,000 visitors a month, and Dynamics NAV Essentials, both of which focus on his areas of expertise. He has bachelor’s degrees in both management information systems and financial studies from Arab European University in Damascus, Syria. To unwind, Mahmoud enjoys reading, cooking and baking, although based on his desire for perfection, he’s likely turning out soufflés and spun sugar-swirled croquembouche towers from his kitchen, just to prove his chops.

Nijas Kolothody

Principal Consultant – DevOps

Nijas is all about strategy. He’s an outdoors enthusiast who stays fit by running, a sport that requires not only discipline, but also a strategic approach to achieving his personal best. Nijas brings that same discipline to his role as principal consultant of DevOps at SIROCo, where he leads company software projects that transform how organizations operate. Nijas understands that the most successful business strategies involve collaboration, especially so when it comes to tech. Nijas has 15 years of IT expertise, so he can successfully oversee companies as they implement important changes that integrate various technologies. The result is a more seamless operating system that betters unites all of a company’s departments, a contemporary business concept that is light years from the era when departments – and their data – were segregated. Nijas, who previously worked as the application development manager for the Houston-based Continuum Energy, has an MS in Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Oklahoma. In addition to running, he unwinds with music, camping and water sports.

SIROCo is an American multinational technology solution provider focused on rapidly growing areas in today’s knowledge and services economy. Leveraging fully on the strong proprietary technology base, company has three strategic technology verticals – Software Orchestration, Infrastructure Management and Quality Control.



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