Dynamics GP 2018 R2 – Upcoming Features

Microsoft is releasing Dynamics GP 2018 R2 on October 1 2018. As usual, this release is providing further enhancements to the core functionality of the system with top features requested by the clients. Microsoft has recently provided a roadmap for Dynamics GP up until 2020.

With every release of Dynamics GP, Microsoft team starts a feature series addressing the features to be introduced in the next release and sheds a light on the functionality enhancement. Below is a brief list of the promised features:

Financial Enhancements

  • Exclude items from the HITB with zero quantities ( Historical Inventory Trial Balance)
  • Transaction-level posting – post through to GL
  • Monthly and Bimonthly recurring batches
  • The ability to display or not the inactive checkbooks in Look-ups
  • Don’t allow duplicate check numbers for Bank transaction entry, miscellaneous checks

Purchasing Enhancements 

  • Adding vendor document number to purchasing All in One inquiry
  • Mass update inactive from Navigation List, Inactivate Reactivate Temporary
  • Checkbook ID defaults on computer checks batch
  • Allow partial purchase on a purchase requisition from a PO
  • Display vendor Hold status

 Sales Enhancements

  • Sales Transaction Workflow
  • Print invoice in functional currency from SOP Navigation  list
  • New Smart list for deposits on un-posted sales transactions
  • Print and Email SOP documents at the same time
  • Customer combiner utility, retain ship to address
  • Additional sort options on SOP Item Inquiry
  • Email Customer statements

Additional Top Features

  • Hide business analyzer for all users
  •  Increase Dynamics GP password maximum length to 21 characters
  • Password expiry notifications
  • Smart list designer favorites display in the navigation list

Best Regards, 
Mahmoud M. AlSaadi

What SIROCo has to offer with Microsoft Dynamics GP?

SIROCo is a Microsoft Certified Partner.  With more than a decade of experience with implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP, our team has successfully completed certifications to be able to implement, customize and support Microsoft Dynamics GP. With several hundred thousand of customers in a wide range of industries, Microsoft Dynamics GP has proven itself as a flexible, powerful business management solution. But despite its long track record, it still sets the standard for innovation, with powerful tools for creating insight and efficiency across your business.

 Why Microsoft Dynamics GP is right for your business

Proven – Backed by years of proven performance, Microsoft Dynamics GP meets your needs from the start with built-in, flexible functionality that grows with you into the future. With Microsoft Dynamics GP you can automate and connect the full range of ERP operations and business intelligence. This shall provide new capabilities using built-in personalization tools that help simplify complex development efforts. Reduction in deployment time with tools that help accelerate installation and Efficiency in the migration of data from legacy systems is an added advantage. We can count on scalability and performance with Microsoft SQL Server with flexible Business Ready Licensing capabilities. Microsoft Dynamics GP shall realize fast, yet long-term ROI with consistent product releases that keep pace with Microsoft technology innovations, and robust support and training resources from Microsoft and certified partners.

Insightful – From basic reporting to sophisticated analyses, Microsoft Dynamics GP shall provide clients with fast, relevant access to information using familiar Microsoft tools. With Microsoft Dynamics GP you can go well beyond basic reporting using familiar tools and formats. It shall perform advanced analytics using more than 220 refreshable, customizable Microsoft Office Excel reports and intuitive SQL Server Reporting Services reports. Laos help in delivering portal-based access to insight across your entire organization. This results in saving time and money by enabling people to use Microsoft Office applications, Web browsers, and mobile devices to access and analyze ERP information.

Efficient – Run an efficient business with fast, flexible deployment options, a familiar user experience designed to maximize personal productivity, and the ability to quickly bring together people and systems. With Microsoft Dynamics GP we provide a solution they want to use, and optimize your existing investments, with role-based home pages and the ability to work directly from within familiar Microsoft Office system applications. Microsoft Dynamics GP shall connect people, information, and applications through several Web services and built-in interoperability with Microsoft Office Communications Server and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It helps to build your own light applications and integrate smoothly with virtually any independent software vendor  (ISV) application.

Dynamics GP – Payables Reconcile to GL is showing a variance while the PM HATB matches the GL TB

The reconcile to GL utility in Dynamics GP provides a very effective tool to match the sub-ledger with the general ledger module for the Bank, Inventory, AP and AR.  As known, there are primarily three parts of the reconcile to GL report which details the following:

  • Matched Transactions
  • UnMatched Transactions
  • Potentially Matched Transactions
In a recent support case, one of the clients report a mismatch between the accounts payable and general ledger module, due to one transaction which has been posted on the AP module and went through correctly to the GL tables
UnMatched AP Transaction

The very first step was to look for this journal number specifically on the general journal inquiry in order to check its source, which seems correct.

  •  The GL journal is correct and it results from the original AP document
  • The AP document on the sub-ledger has been correctly posted and it exists in AP tables without any issues.
  • When printing the HATB for the vendors, the total values matches the total value of all AP GL accounts
  • Reconcile to GL for the AP is showing a difference
In case the GL Distribution table in the Sub ledger module is empty, the transaction will show in the un-matched section of the Reconcile-To-GL despite the fact that the transaction details are correct in both modules.
Bottom line is
Missing AR/ AP distribution will result in unmatched transaction on the Reconcile to GL report
The resolution was to manually populate the distribution table for that transaction, and then when printing the Reconcile to GL, the difference was gone and it shows zero variance.

Best Regards,
Mahmoud M. AlSaadi