End users were always complaining in previous releases about the fact that their Smart list favorites can be modified or even deleted by other end users when it is created on the system or company level. With the release of Dynamics GP 2018, end-users now can create their own smart list favorites and protect any further modifications, changes or deletion by setting a system password. Here is the scenario for the smart list favorite. When […]

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It’s a fact that all companies have struggled when responding to the inevitable changes of the continuously demanding market, some of them have failed to adapt to such changes and therefore could not proceed and compete in the market. Being successful nowadays requires considerable efforts to be taken in order to manage the change and compete. In this essence, the importance of enterprise resources planning emerged as one of the key essentials factors of a […]

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Another interesting feature that has been introduced with the release of Dynamics GP 2018 is the ability to sort results of the inquiry windows in both; the accounts receivable and the payable. The sorting option has been added to the following inquiry windows:  Receivable Transaction by Customer | Inquiry > Sales > Transaction by Customer Receivable Transaction by Document | Inquiry > Sales > Transaction by Document Payable Transaction by Vendor  | Inquiry > Purchasing […]

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In previous versions of Dynamics GP, end-users have complained about the ability to have print-out or the purchase requisition document in Dynamics GP. Several GP community end-users have asked for it, here is one. There have been several workaround solutions such as the one which has been proposed by MVP Mohammad Daoud on this link. The idea was to create a custom SSRS report and having it assigned to the purchase requisition form until an official resolution from […]

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Is it possible to integrate data into Dynamics GP when no eConnect Schema is available ! Yes, In-Transit Case Study

Despite the fact that it might be quite rare, but there are certain cases in which you need to integrate data into Dynamics GP with no eConnect schema available to accomplish such requirement. The challenge is to fulfill such requirements when it is business critical and might definitely be the bottleneck of a complete data integration. At SIROCo, we have recently been working on an integration project. The client receives an invoice through email including […]

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