What Makes Microsoft Dynamics GP So Special as a Great Investment for 2018?

For a small to medium business, this is a major decision and a major investment. The decision stands as a step towards the long-term investment on a growth perspective point as an accounting software that can last for a least seven to ten years. Here comes the relevance of Microsoft GP as a minimum risk investment that stood the test of 35 golden years in the market, has robust functionality; has the efficiency and capability […]

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Dynamics GP Reporting - Inventory Turn Over Analysis

Analysis and Reporting are considered the most important aspect of ERP systems, the added value is shown when proper reports and analysis are put in place. In a recent project with a big manufacturing company in the US, we have been asked about the capabilities of Dynamics GP to provide robust reporting and analysis insights of the inventory and production specifically, and the answer was precise. Dynamics GP provides strong and comprehensive data structure for […]

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The release of Dynamics GP2018 has introduced interesting enhancements to the Purchasing Module, the purchasing cycle is now becoming richer and more effective. In this post, I will shed a light on some impressive features which are: Purchase Order Generator opens the list of purchase orders filtered by the generated PO Purchase Order and originating Requisition are displayed on the Home Page – Requisition List While completing the purchase of requisition, the purchase order generator […]

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Empower your System by Upgrading to Dynamics 2018 - Upgrade Checklist

Dynamics GP 2018 has been recently released introducing several enhancements and new features to various modules. Upgrading your system into the most recent release of Dynamics GP ensures that you are up to date with the most requested enhancements requested by the GP community. Although, before kicking off your upgrade project, you do need to read the following article in order to touch upon the primary essential topics for upgrade System Requirements for Dynamics GP […]

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Automatically Generate New Inventory Location Card from Sales Person Card

In a recent implementation of Dynamics GP for a big distributor company, we’ve had a business requirement to track salesperson sales. The simplest automation for that was to create one site (Location ID) for every single salesperson depending on the area they are serving. One Salesperson Serving Multiple Areas For each area, the salesperson will have one site. The business role is that the salesperson could server one area at a time (The area is […]

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