Manufacturing Order Cost Distribution

The following reports retrieve data from the manufacturing order closing file, it illustrates the following details for every single MO per item number: Material Cost Material Fixed Overhead Material Variable Overhead Labor Cost Labor Fixed Overhead Labor Variable Overhead Machine Machine Fixed Overhead Machine Variable Overhead Total MO cost   SELECT ITEMNMBR, DATEPART(yy, COMPLETECLOSEDATE) AS RecYear, DATEPART(mm, COMPLETECLOSEDATE) AS RecMonth, SUM(ENDQTY_I) AS RecQTY, BASEUOFM, SUM(ITEM_COSTS_ARRAY_I_1) AS [Material_Costs], SUM(ITEM_COSTS_ARRAY_I_2) AS [Material_Fixed_Overhead], SUM(ITEM_COSTS_ARRAY_I_3) AS [Material_Variable_Overhead], SUM(ITEM_COSTS_ARRAY_I_4) AS […]

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In Transit transfer in Dynamics GP is a way to transfer items from one site to another via a specific site, through which landed cost function can be used in order to allocated further cost factors on the transferred items such as freight, shipping cost, packaging costs …etc.   This functionality is quite effective in GP, and it might be used basically when products are shipped from one location to another via a vehicle or […]

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The apply process in Dynamics GP is different between the receivable and the payable modules when payable transactions are fully applied they are “automatically” moved to history which means that the data is migrated from the open tables into the history tables. On the other hand, this is not the same behavior of the receivable module, in which fully applied documents are not moved to history at all unless a specific routine in the system […]

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Optimizing Transportation Business with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Smart deliveries through connected operations, with flexibility and scalability in the day-to-day operations, while keeping pace with current trends is the norm of the present-day transportation sector. Microsoft Dynamics GP is the best tool for a business owner in the transportation sector. Offering the required visibility across your distribution, customer service, sales, and marketing systems, Microsoft Dynamics GP lets you innovate products and processes to meet the varying needs of the market and your customers. […]

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0Workflow reporting is always important, it’s always required to track the workflow history of a specific purchase requisition, AP transaction, General Ledger batch …etc. Despite the fact that this has always been available with through the workflow history inquiry, Dynamics GP 2018 introduces another interesting way to have detailed reporting on all the workflow history details. Go To Reports > Company > Workflow History. Workflow History Report There are several report ranges, so that you […]

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SIROCo is an American multinational technology solution provider focused on rapidly growing areas in today’s knowledge and services economy. Leveraging fully on the strong proprietary technology base, company has three strategic technology verticals – Software Orchestration, Infrastructure Management and Quality Control.


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