Empower your System by Upgrading to Dynamics 2018 - Upgrade Checklist

Dynamics GP 2018 has been recently released introducing several enhancements and new features to various modules. Upgrading your system into the most recent release of Dynamics GP ensures that you are up to date with the most requested enhancements requested by the GP community. Although, before kicking off your upgrade project, you do need to read the following article in order to touch upon the primary essential topics for upgrade System Requirements for Dynamics GP […]

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Automatically Generate New Inventory Location Card from Sales Person Card

In a recent implementation of Dynamics GP for a big distributor company, we’ve had a business requirement to track salesperson sales. The simplest automation for that was to create one site (Location ID) for every single salesperson depending on the area they are serving. One Salesperson Serving Multiple Areas For each area, the salesperson will have one site. The business role is that the salesperson could server one area at a time (The area is […]

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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018- A Positive Pitch

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 was officially released on December 1, 2017.  Microsoft Dynamics GP was molded on an ERP model which continues to evolve with a detailed roadmap for the future with continual investments from Microsoft for its strong mid-market sector.  As a mature application, we can see more focus on User Experience and user requested functions, rather cosmetic touch up module releases to maintain a youthful appearance. This update launch is a great experience […]

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Dynamics GP 2018 - Copy Analytical Accounting User Access

Analytical Accounting is an essential module in Dynamics GP, although, its configuration and setup process has always been criticized for its difficulty. With each release, Microsoft is presenting important enhancement to this module in order to simplify the setup process and facilitate administrative tasks.For instance, in a prior release of Dynamics GP, “restrict user access” feature was presented to the Analytical Accounting module. With the release of Dynamics GP 2018, a new feature is presented […]

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End users were always complaining in previous releases about the fact that their Smart list favorites can be modified or even deleted by other end users when it is created on the system or company level. With the release of Dynamics GP 2018, end-users now can create their own smart list favorites and protect any further modifications, changes or deletion by setting a system password. Here is the scenario for the smart list favorite. When […]

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